SolidWorks stuff

SolidWorks is probably my favorite 3D CAD program, if only because it works well, is widely used by engineers like me, and is what I’m used to. I can CAD a bit in other programs, too, if need be–as much as I admire l33t OpenSCAD hax0rs, for example, I’m just a n00b when it comes to code-level CADing (but I’ll be damned if I don’t try). Here are a few things I’ve drafted up:

a small vacuum flask – mockup optimized for 3D printing

sunglasses – also optimized for 3D printing: functional hinges print in place!

more glasses (Warby Parker AutoCAD edition) – I was tasked to try out 2D for the sake of showcasing my drafting skillz on unfamiliar territory (read: I’m no AutoCAD expert, but I got a dimensioned drawing out)

a hammock underquilt – sometimes I camp in a hammock; it can get cold, so I thought I’d make a synthetic down-stuffed sleeping bag, or “underquilt” for its outside; there were some fun geometries involved, so I did some surface modeling in SolidWorks to figure out the dimensions for the fabric

a contactless bicycle dynamo – as an all-weather utility bicyclist, I thought I’d try my hand at designing and building an eddy current effect-based generator much in the same vein as Magnic Light and Reelight’s project

an incubator box for a microscope – this one’s just a picture, as I did it a while ago and dunno where the source files are, but it was a fun little project I designed and built myself one summer out of Lexan, superglue, and corrugated plastic

a coffee grinder gear set – I designed a nice pair of herringbone gears to 3D print and replace the broken set of drive gears on a burr coffee grinder; the gears held up all right, but everything else didn’t